Programs and Projects

NAACP Diversity Fellowship Program

As part of the on-going efforts to the diversity of emerging talent in Hollywood, the NAACP has united with CBS and NBC to create Master’s Degree Writing Fellowships. These partnerships are an effort to support, encourage and educate new voices within the industry. Each year, the Fellowship is awarded to a graduate student whose work offers a fresh perspective on ways in which minorities are represented. In addition to providing students with financial assistance with their studies, they are mentored throughout their academic program. The Fellows also participate in an internship at the NAACP Hollywood Bureau, and have the chance to obtain production experience by working on the NAACP Image Awards. The Fellowship provides new talent with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working alongside some of the best creative and executive talent the industry has to offer. For more information on the fellowship program, please send an email to

NAACP Bureau Monthly Reports

With the constant merger of conglomerates in the entertainment industry, there is less and less diversity of ideas in the media. Through a collaboration between the NAACP Hollywood and Washington Bureaus, the Bureau Monthly Reports will produce stories that speak to and reflect the diversity of our nation and the world. Through a series of short documentaries, in-depth interviews and commentaries by a few of America’s leading pundits, we will reignite a voice which can be heard on a global scale. (Launching Winter 2010)

NAACP Hollywood Bureau Lecture Series and Symposium

Presented on a quarterly basis, the NAACP Hollywood Bureau lecture series focuses on a variety of topics related to the film industry. Lecture discussions center on business and technology and its influence on diversity in front-of and behind the camera. The Series’ panelists and guests include industry professionals who will share their experiences and insight with university and film school students, minority-owned production companies and small businesses. The Series culminates with a symposium held during the NAACP Image Awards week of events that focusing on the year in review as it relates to the industry. For more information on the Lecture Series and Symposium, please send an email to

NAACP Entertainment Industry Summits

Conducted twice a year, the Entertainment Industry Summits bring together entertainment industry leaders and politicians to discuss issues as it relates to the struggles of equality in front of and behind the camera. The Summit creates a forum where participants can speak openly to address the issues of diversity in the entertainment industry. Partners include guilds, television networks, studios, agents, and advertising agencies. For more information on the industry summits, please send an email to

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