Nominees & Winners


Motion Picture

With so much massive talent and so many great candidates to choose from, it’s simply a shame that only one in each category can prevail.


From nail-biting drama to belly-shaking comedy, we have several great TV categories and a number of outstanding nominees within each one.


Who will win the Award in this popular entertainment field? Each of the candidates deserves recognition and respect, but only one nominee in each category will be able to go home with this prestigious accolade.


Rich in tradition and heritage, but still in constant renewal, literature is probably the oldest of our forms of artistic expression. That it remains a vibrant creative field of endeavor is seen in the wealth of talent found among this year’s Award candidates.

Writing / Directing

Behind every great TV, theater or cinema experience is the vision created by the writer and director. Without their creative gusto and persistent dedication, the entertainment world would sure be a sadder place. 







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